Larsen Magnacore and Arioso Strings

After months of rumors about a new, 'powerful rich sounding' Larsen Cello C and G string, we finally have them in stock!  Cello dealers and players are already calling the new Larsen Magnacore strings, "Spirocore Killers!"  We think it's a tad bit to soon to claim the new Magnacores as a better, more desirable string than the ever popular Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten C and G, but the new Magnacores are very impressive. 

History in the making. Before trying to describe the way they play, let's first examine why the Spirocore Tungsten C and G strings have been so very popular.  So far, the Spirocore Tungstens have had the most power and presence of any lower C and G cello string available.  The most preferred cello combinations set by far, are always the Spirocore Tungsten C G and Larsen A and D medium, or A and D medium Solo.  Occasionally, folks choose a Larsen Forte (as it really depends on the cello, trial and error of what works best.)

Larsen Magnacore

LAR-119 Larsen Magnacore A, Medium gauge
LAR-120 Larsen Magnacore D, Medium gauge
LAR-121 Larsen Magnacore Tungsten G , Medium gauge
LAR-122 Larsen Magnacore G Tungsten, Forte gauge
LAR-123 Larsen Magnacore, C Tungsten, Medium gauge
LAR-124 Larsen Magnacore, C Tungsten, Forte Gauge
Arioso Magnacore Cello

Magnacore Arioso

LAR-125 Magnacore Arioso Cello Set
LAR-126 Magnacore Arioso A String
LAR-127 Magnacore Arioso D String
LAR-128 Magnacore Arioso G String
LAR-129 Magnacore Arioso C String

If there was ever a 'ding' or a negative about the Spirocore Tungstens was that they tend to be a little hard or bright (especially when brand new.)  To be honest, that is a very minor concern on the Spirocores and still, rightly so, they have been the #1 selling Cello C and G strings throughout the world.

Now, it's Magnacore time!  The Magnacore simply describe their core (as a 'steel wire').  Not tungsten or platinum, but steel.   Oddly enough, the regular Larsen C and G strings, are "Tungstens" so while they are made with same alloy as the Spirocores, most players still thought as much power as the Spirocores.

Magnacores have power. A special steel (formulated alloy) that gives the string even more power, but with that very famous Larsen "warmth"....yes, now on the C and G strings that's never really been possible before.  Some of the cello players that have tried and used these so far say that they have the same, (if not more) power as the Spirocores, but have a more dimensional, and wider tonal complexity too boot.  That's fun and very rewarding news because anytime you can still have the same punch and power, but add to the tonal spectrum, is a great achievement.

So, for years, the most discerning cellists would take the power of the Spirocore Tungsten CG strings, instead of the Larsen C and Gs.  They thought that while the Larsens were nice and warm, lacked the power and punch they wanted when attacking them with their bow.  Now, the new Magnacores not only give even more power, but they still have the beautiful Larsen tone with it. 

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