Cello Rosin

We offer all of the popular and significant cello rosins: The Pirastro Cello, Pirastro Cellisto, Bernadel Colophane,(means 'rosin')  Millant, Hill Light and Dark cello rosin, Jade,  Kolstein's Cello Rosin (normal) and the hard to get, Andrea Solo Rosin. The Andrea Rosin is expensive (made in Korea) and everyone is totally crazy about this rosin. This was formally called Tartini brand and is made from the same guy, same rosin receipe, but with the new 'Andrea' name.

In order to stay competitive and offer the very best prices, we now charge more for international orders on rosin.  Rosin simply costs more to ship internationally so we offer two prices here: One for USA delivery which is a bit cheaper and another higher price choice for shipping internationally.  For our international customers that save big on their string set orders from us, still sometimes need to pick up a new rosin as well, so here we can accomplish this a bit easier without over charging on our USA (domestic) deliveries.
Cello Rosins Delivering in USA For all international orders, delivering outside of USA
Pirastro Cello Rosin
Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin
Bernadel Colophane
Kolstein Cello Rosin (Normal)
Andrea Solo Cello Rosin (Yes, it's expensive...but worth it!)
Andrea Orchestra Cello Rosin (the orchestra recipe has a little more 'grab')
Hill Light Violin/Cello Rosin (We show the wrap-style here and below.)
Hill Dark Violin/Cello Rosin
Millant Violin/Cello Rosin
French Jade Violin/Cello Rosin