D'Addario Cello Strings

D'Addario makes great cello strings and they are probably the most affordable strings on the market now. (Especially with our prices!) We offer their Helicore, Prelude and Kaplan D & A strings. The Helicores are great cello strings for the dollar. Many professional cello players use these stings and some prefer their low C and G strings.

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Helicore Cello Strings

Helicore Cello Strings

DH-100 Helicore, 4/4 Medium set (ADGC)
DH-101 Helicore, 4/4 Medium, A string
DH-102 Helicore, 4/4 Medium, D string
DH-103 Helicore, 4/4 Medium, G string
DH-104 Helicore, 4/4 Medium, C string Tungsten

Prelude Cello Strings

DP-100 Prelude, 4/4 Medium set (ADGC)
DP-101 Prelude Cello, 4/4 Medium A string
DP-102 Prelude Cello, 4/4 Medium D string
DP-103 Prelude Cello, 4/4 Medium G string
DP-104 Prelude Cello, 4/4 Medium C string
Kaplan cello strings

Kaplan Cello Strings

Comes in 3 gauges: Light, Medium and Heavy

KAP-101 Kaplan Cello set
String Gauge:
KAP-102 Kaplan Cello, 4/4 size  A string
String Gauge:
KAP-103 Kaplan Cello, 4/4 size D string
String Gauge:
KAP-104 Kaplan Cello, 4/4 size G string
String Gauge:
KAP-105 Kaplan Cello, 4/4 size C string
String Gauge: