Thomastik-Infeld Cello Strings

Thomastik-Infeld offers the Spirocore, Belcanto, Belcanto Gold and Dominant, Versum , Spirit! and the newest offering: Rondo strings.  The Spirocore strings offer less inertia and are more responsive, especially in the lower two, C and G strings.  While the Spirocore cello strings are traditional (and the old staple), the newer Belcanto (and Gold) strings are made with new technology and alloys that offer something new, but retain the 'old' sound that cellists like.   The Dominant brand cello strings are very responsive strings and are made with a perlon core.  This gives the old "gut" feel and sound, without the headache of using gut strings. 

The new Rondo strings?  The newest offering from Thomastik, are their Rondo strings.  They in one gauge, but with two different A strings.  While Rondo strings have a very clear and direct sound, they give you two choices for the A.  Made from the same exact alloys, they offer the regular RO41 and the RO41XP (they call the "Experience").  The XP (for short) is 700 grams lighter and it then expands the playing "experience" which it gives the whole set a more 'free' feel and warmth across the cello.  (We have already gotten reviews from professional players that say the Rondos, (while powerful), are super warm and make their cello sound like an old "Italian".   Below, we offer sets with the regular A or the A Experience, but the "experience" A costs a bit more.  More about Thomastik Rondo cello strings.

The new Spirit! cello strings are a great alternative in price for budget minded players that want a nice quality, super responsive (and warmer) sound.  These will be a better alternative to the typical bought Prelude, Helicore or Chromcor strings.  The Versum strings are their new premier cello strings.  The C and G strings are still the best materials (and most expensive) Tungsten core, they have a crisp, big responsive.  Thomastik markets these as their new, "Spiral"core without the edgy break-in (play in) time.  As is usual, everyone (all the big makers) trying to compete with Larsen cello strings, and the Versums are Thomastik's attempt to compete.  (Most all professional cellists like to combine their sets: Thomastik Spirocore C & G, with Larsen A and D (either plain mediums or "solo" gauge Larsens.)  We have these sets available at very attractive discounts on our combined-custom cello strings page.

All Thomastik-Infeld cello strings are made in Austria and are free, First Class shipping.

There's been some recent questions about our order catalogue numbers.  For instance, TS-100 is 'our' own catalogue number for the Spirocore Cello set below. This is our ID.  We've now put in Thomastik's model numbers so as not to confuse anyone.  You can find these in the tail end of our description.  For example, the Spirocore Cello set on the first line below, TS-100 is our order number, but the Thomastik model number for that item, is S31.

Thomastik Spirocore cello strings

Thomastik Spirocore Cello Strings

TS-100 Spirocore Cello, 4/4 Medium set (ADGC) S31
TS-101 Spirocore Cello, medium chrome A string, S25
TS-102 Spirocore Cello, medium chrome D string, S27
TS-103 Spirocore Cello, medium G chrome string, S28
TS-104 Spirocore Cello, medium C chrome string, S29
TS-105 Spirocore Cello, medium TUNGSTEN G string, S32
TS-106 Spirocore Cello medium TUNGSTEN C string
(the most popular C string in the world!), S33
TS-107 Spirocore Cello Forte Gauge TUNGSTEN C string
TS-108 Spirocore Cello medium Silver G string, S28A
TS-109 Spirocore Cello medium Silver C string, S30
Rondo Cello Strings Thomastik Rondo Cello Strings Price
RO-100 Complete Rondo Set with medium A
RO-101 Complete Rondo set with XP Experience A
RO-102 Rondo A string (medium), "RO41"
RO-103 Rondo A Experience string (lower tension) "RO41XP"
RO-104 Rondo D string
RO-105 Rondo G string
RO-106 Rondo C string
Versum Cello Strings


Versum Cello Strings

TV-100 Versum multi-alloy, cello set
TV-101 Versum steel core, multi-alloy wound, A string
TV-102 Versum steel core, multi-alloy wound, D string
TV-103 Versum tungsten spiral core, chrome wound, G string
TV-104 Versum tungsten spiral core, chrome wound, C string
Versum Solo Cello Strings

Versum Solo Cello Strings

TVS-100 Versum multi-alloy, Solo gauge set
TVS-101 Versum steel core, multi-alloy SOLO A
TVS-102 Versum steel core, multi-alloy SOLO D
TVS-103 Versum steel core, multi-alloy SOLO G
TVS-104 Versum steel core, multi-alloy SOLO C
Spirit! Cello Strings

Spirit! (Synthetic Core) cello strings

TSP-100 Spirit! Cello strings set
TSP-101 Spiriti! steel core, chrome wound A string
TSP-102 Spiriti! steel core, chrome wound D string
TSP-103 Spiriti! steel rope core, chrome wound G string
TSP-104 Spiriti! tungsten rope core, chrome wound C string
Thomastik Belcanto cello strings

Thomastik Belcanto Cello Strings

TB-100 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 Medium set (ADGC) BC31
TB-101 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 Medium A string
TB-102 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 Medium D string
TB-103 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 Medium G string
TB-104 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 Medium C string
Thomastik Belcanto Gold cello strings

Thomastik Belcanto Gold Cello Strings

TBG-100 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 size Medium Gold set (ADGC) BC31G
TBG-101 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 size Medium Gold A string
TBG-102 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 size Medium Gold D string
TBG-103 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 size Medium Gold G string
TBG-104 Belcanto Cello, 4/4 size Medium Gold C string
Thomastik Dominants cello strings

Thomastik Dominant Cello Strings

PFC-100 Dominant Cello, 4/4 size medium set (ADGC) #147 (Thomastik)
PFC-101 Dominant Cello, 4/4 size medium A string, Chrome
PFC-102 Dominant Cello, 4/4 size medium D string, Chrome
PFC-103 Dominant Cello, 4/4 size medium G string, Chrome
PFC-104 Dominant Cello, 4/4 size medium C string, Chrome