Hard Cello Case

Sorry, our Janson hard cello cases are now sold out and we will no longer be able to offer these.  Just follow the link here to the 'Bobelock cello case 2000' at the String Emporium.  Still so, you cannot do better for your money than the Bobelocks.  They can withstand years of use and abuse and are super affordable.

Our exclusive Janson  Hard Cello Case with wheels, is made of a nice, lightweight fiberglass and weighs around 12 lbs (much like the Bobelock or Ztech cases offered.)  Wheels are on the lower back and comes with a pair of backpack like shoulder straps and a nice pull handle in the front.  These cello cases are made well and the parts like handles and latches are made to last!  The handles are durable and the wheels made for long hard use, with a very attractive interior velour lining.  This a professional level case, but for a student price. Special sale while supplies last, $295-315.  These are the best cases in the country under the $600 price range.

"Just a great case for the money!" Free Shipping

 They come in a black, burgundy, French red, navy blue, lighter royal blue, emerald greed, ivory and silver grey and now lavender and Fire Engine Red  (We are temporarily out of the Burgundy.  Please read below).  Incidentally, when customers call, they ask "which is the most popular color?" It's black!  Black matches concert attire and looks nice when you are all dressed up.  Ivory white looks good too and will deflect heat if you live in or near hot sunny Phoenix! 

Again very sorry, but these cello cases are no longer being offered.  We are happy to refer you to the Bobelock cases (which are similar) to the Janson cases.  http://www.stringemporium.com/bobelock-cello-cases.php

Also, we suggest looking at the new Pure case by Gewa (made in Germany) which can be found at http://www.stringemporium.com/pure-cello-case.htm

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